December 8, 2022


Automatic air texturing machine  (Video)

The SSM GIUDICI TG2-AT air texturing machine is the next step of the well introduced TG1. It comes with an individual, frontal doffing system to allow double sided concept of the machine (one full package ano one empty tube in the cradle whilst a package is being processed). The design is made for the cost efficient production of high quality air texturized yrns made of POY or FDY Polyester, Polyamide and Polypropylene and ranging from fine to medium final counts.

The key features are:

  • Electric contact heater for the drawing of POY yarns at highest speeds, with low resulting shrinkage
  • Optimized components and contact surfaces for low breakage rates
  • Operator friendly machine profile and creel concept
  • SSM GIUDICI individual master godet
  • Individual, frontal doffing system
  • Optional heating godet, slub device or manual elastomer device
Technical data TG2-AT
Type of winding random
Mechanical speed up to 800 m/min (1200 m/min at overfeed shafts)
(process speed depending on process parameters, texturing jet and supply yarn quality)
Package shape Cylindrical or bi-conical
Initial traverse length 195 or 245 mm
Take-up tube dimensions Length 229 or 289 mm, ID 69 mm, rolled nose ID 57 mm
Take-up package diameter up to 240 mm
Package weight up to 5 kg
Supply package 2 ends and stand-by per position:
– up to ∅ 450 mm, up to 250 mm tube length
Fibre material / Fibre structure PA, PP, PES, POY & FDY
Count range 37…600 den
Take-up levels 3
Layout / N° of positions min./max. Double sided / min. 24 / max. 288
Drive Split machine with individually controlled line shafts per side
Electrical power (basic power supply) 400 V, 50 cycles, 3 phases, loadable neutral, ground (adaptable to other power supplies)
Installed power – FDY version: 305 W per position

– POY version: 604 W per position

– Heat setting godet: 750 W per position

Compressed air requirement Compressor with air dryer, oil filter and air tank pressure at 7 bar for machine operation and at minimum 10 bar for process air
Process air consumption Depending on type of jet and air pressure, according to indication of jet manufacturer