December 8, 2022

TK2-20 TT 

Automatic high-performance cops winder

The TK2-20 TT is a unique sewing thread winder for small make-ups on cylindrical tubes (cops). This new development combines the highest performance of the well known THREAD KING series with the functionality and operation comfort of modern control concepts and state-of-the-art drive technology.

With its 13000 rpm spindle speed, this machine offers by far the highest production performance worldwide. Furthermore, the high initial spindle speed guarantees a fast and proper under-winding of the start tail, an important factor to avoid any unwinding interference late in the sewing process.

As a standard, absolutely new product features, such as the new slit-drum with “quick-lock” and electronically controlled tuck-in device, increase the overall efficiency and consequently keep the winding costs to a minimum, thus matching the new market requirements.

Technical data TK2-20 TT
Types of winding precision crosswind
Mechanical speed up to 13000 min-1 (up to 2000 m/min) (process speed depending on process parameters)
Package shape cylindrical tubes (cops)
Traverse length 1.5″…4″ (110 mm)
Take-up tubes cylindrical; max. length 120 mm, base diameter 10 mm (smaller on request)
Take-up package diameter up to 85 mm
Supply package diameter up to 320 mm
Yarns spun thread / core spun, filament twisted / flat, textured filament, natural silk, viscose / rayon, technical thread, special thread
Count up to 2000 dtex
Layout single sided
N° of spindles per module 2
min./max. N° of spindles per machine 2 / 40
max. N° of spindles per oiling system 20
Gauge 440 mm
Drive individual two-drive-system per spindle
Installed power 0.56 kW (2 spindles)
Compressed air 6 bar