December 8, 2022

Precision package winder

SM XENO – the new modular winding machine platform, available with all three leading SSM winding technologies.

The XENO-FW is a precision winding machine for all kind of staple and textured filament yarns suitable for dye package winding, warping preparation and rewinding with or without lubrication or waxing.

The key features are:

  • DIGICONE® 2 winding algorithm, enabling a 10-20% increase on dye package density with unchanged dyeing recipes
  • 15″ touch-screen machine terminal for ease of use
  • fastflex™ electronic yarn laying unit along with the innovative online yarn tension control system (digitens™)
  • Optional automatic doffer system for maximum productivity
Technical data XENO-FW
Type of winding DIGICONE® 2 or precision
Mechanical speed up to 1500 m/min (process speed depending on process parameters)
Package shape freely programmable
Traverse length 25…210 mm electronically adjustable
Take-up package diameter up to 300 mm
Package weight up to 8 kg
Supply package diameter up to 300 mm
Yarns staple yarns, textured filament yarns
Count Ne 3…80 / 80…2000 dtex
Take-up tubes cylindrical or cones up to 5° 57’
max. length 230 mm, min. base diameter 38 mm (smaller diameters upon request)
max. diameter with automatic doffer: inner 90 mm, outer 96 mm
Layout single or double sided
N° of spindles per section 6 (single sided) or 12 (double sided)
N° of spindles min. / max. 6 / 96 (single sided) and 12 / 120 (2 x 60 double sided, back to back)
Gauge 366 mm
Drive individual
Installed power ~250 W per spindle
Power consumption ~100…180 W per spindle (depending on winding parameters / options)
Blower (installed power) up to 2200 W (depending on blower type and manufacturer)
Compressed air 6 bar (only required for machines with automatic doffer / pneumatic bracket opener)