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"Awareness and Help for All" Official Meeting will be held Soon!!! "Awareness and Help for All" membership announced in July 2015 !!!



"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone." - Ronald Reagan

"Awareness and Help for All" is a non-profit, non government organization that has the aim of spreading awareness about Health and personality grooming . We are working to bring about a change in our society by providing proper counseling and help to the needy and less privileged part of our community. "Awareness and Help for All" works in three main fields, which are Health, Education and Personality development. We try to make an impact and do our share of work in the world to make this a better place to live in. We understand that our youth is our future and we have to provide them with guidance so that they can get on the right path and be a productive citizen in future. A healthy nation is a happy and wealthy nation and that the motivation behind our works in the health sector. And a better personality has the ability to completely use its potential for the development of a society so we work with our youth for personality development. To convert our projects into realization we always need generous support of people and organizations who want to bring improvements in the society. And with their help and support we do try to bring a change in the lives of as many people as we can.