December 8, 2022


ClassicWind™ random winding machine


The CW8-W is a cone to cone winding machine for the preparation of weaving, warp knitting and circular knitting process. Innovative solutions, rugged technology and application of the essential allow an optimization of the thread path and the simplification of the winder. The economical and enduring technology cuts maintenance and service expenses down to a minimum. The CW8-W allows the adaptation of the winding to various types of staple yarns. Rotating self-cleaning tension device and dry waxing device reduce yarn friction to a minimum.

Technical data CW8-W
Type of winding drum, random
Mechanical speed up to 1250 m/min (process speed depending on quality of yarn and feed packages)
Package shape cylindrical or conical
Traverse length 152 mm (6″)
Take-up package diameter up to 260 mm
Package weight up to 2.5 kg
Supply package diameter up to 220 mm, other dimensions upon request
Yarns staple yarns
Count Ne 3…120 (Nm 5…200), other yarn counts on request
Take-up tubes cylindrical and cones up to 5° 57′
max. length 170 mm, min. base diameter 38 mm (smaller diameter upon request)
Layout double sided
N° of spindles per section 16
N° of spindles min. / max. 16 / 288 (18 double sided sections)
Gauge 270 mm
Drive individual with timing belt, speed adjustable per section and side
Installed power ~120 W per spindle
Power consumption ~90 W per spindle (depending on speed, yarn count, yarn tension, anti patterning)
Blower 2200 W
Power supply 1 cable for 3 sections