December 9, 2022


Precision package winder

Only a quick response to market trends in combination with high cost-efficiency enables yarn dyers to be successful with competitive advantages. The PWX-W offers clear benefits to dye package winding and rewinding of filament yarns, with or without lubrication.

The key features are:

  • fastflex the well-established thread laying system with latest technology
  • DIGICONE® and precision winding
  • digitens™ online tension control system for reproducible package density and best dyeing results
  • Mechanical backpressure system for low and high package densities
  • Direct package drive for precise package build-up and best unwinding properties
  • Space saving concept reducing the machine footprint and building costs
Technical data PWX-W
Type of winding DIGICONE® or precision
Mechanical speed up to 1200 m/min (process speed depending on process parameters)
Package shape freely programmable
Traverse length 25…270 mm infinitely variable
Take-up package diameter up to 280 mm
Package weight up to 8 kg
Supply package diameter up to 280 mm
Yarns textured or flat filaments, elastic yarns, silk, fine technical yarns
Yarn count range – with digitens™ f : 10…2200 dtex

– with digitens™ g : 10…3000 dtex

Take-up tubes cylindrical or cones up to 3° 30’
max. length 290 mm, min. base diameter 43 mm, max. base diameter 95 mm (smaller / larger diameters upon request)
Layout single sided
N° of spindles per section 6
N° of spindles min. / max. 6 / 96
Gauge 360 mm
Drive individual
Installed power ~200 W per spindle
Power consumption ~100 W per spindle