December 8, 2022

TK2-20 KTE       

Automatic high-performance Kingspool winder  (Video)

The TK2-20 KTE is a fully automatic Kingspool winder. It is certainly the most flexible sewing thread finish winder for bonded filaments in the market and features by far the highest production performance worldwide.

This new development is derived from TK2-20 KT and integrates the unique fastflex™ electronic yarn guide system. This advance technology makes it possible to change or adapt without big efforts the traverse length, the spool size as well as the crossing ratio.

Technical data TK2-20 KTE
Types of winding precision crosswind
Mechanical speed up to 1200 m/min (process speed depending on process parameters)
Take-up tubes / Package shape Kingspools (up to 2° conicity)

q winding standard configuration

p winding optional configuration

Traverse length 2″…4″ (infinitely variable, base diameter up to 105 mm)
Take-up package diameter up to 105 mm

85…105 mm: depending on tube dimensions, certain restrictions may apply

Supply package diameter up to 300 mm
Supply package height up to 400 mm
Yarns bonded filaments (other threads on request)
Count up to 3300 dtex
Layout single sided
N° of spindles per section 5
min./max. N° of spindles per machine 5 / 40
max. N° of spindles per oiling system 20
Gauge 440 mm
Drive individual two drive system per spindle
Installed power 1.4 kW (5 spindles)
Compressed air 6 bar