December 8, 2022




Precision package winder

SSM XENO – the new modular winding machine platform, available with all three leading SSM winding technologies.

The SSM XENO-BW is a precision winding machine for all kind of staple fibre yarns. The machine is equipped with the latest edition of counter-rotating blades for gentlest yarn treatment.

The key features are:

  • DIGICONE® 2 winding algorithm, enabling a 10-20% increase on dye package density with unchanged dyeing recipes
  • 15″ touch-screen machine terminal for ease of use
  • Yarn laying by counter-rotating blades along with the innovative online yarn tension control system (digitens)
  • Optional automatic doffer system for maximum productivity
Technical data XENO-BW
Type of winding DIGICONE® 2 or precision
Mechanical speed up to 1600 m/min (process speed depending on process parameters)
Package shape cylindrical or cones
Traverse length 155 mm, mechanically adjustable ±5 mm
Take-up package diameter up to 300 mm
Package weight up to 8 kg
Supply package diameter up to 320 mm
Yarns staple yarns
Count Ne 1…120
Take-up tubes cylindrical or cones up to 4° 20’
max. length 170 mm, min. base diameter 38 mm (smaller diameters upon request)
max. diameter with automatic doffer: inner 90 mm, outer 96 mm
Layout single or double sided
N° of spindles per section 6 (single sided) or 12 (double sided)
N° of spindles min. / max. 6 / 96 (single sided) and 12 / 120 (2 x 60 double sided, back to back)
Gauge 366 mm
Drive individual
Installed power ~250 W per spindle
Power consumption ~100…180 W per spindle (depending on winding parameters / options)
Blower (installed power) up to 2200 W (depending on blower type and manufacturer)
Compressed air 6 bar (only required for machines with automatic doffer / pneumatic bracket opener)