November 29, 2022

XENO-YW precitens

XENO-YW precitens™

Dye Packages / Rewinding


Due to the unique machine design, SSM can offer a versatile machine for both, muff preparation (cone to muff) as well as unrolling of the muffs after dyeing (muff to cone). For the customer this results in higher flexibility, lower investment costs and last but not least, more profit.

Muff dyeing

The residual elasticity of high elastic Polyamide (PA) and Polyester (PES) draw twist textured yarns (DTY) after dyeing, strongly depends on how the yarn has been wound and dyed.

Package dyeing enables a good dye quality but reduces the elasticity. For certain yarns this is sufficient, but for high elastic filament yarn not. For this application, muff dyeing is the best solution.

Technical data XENO-YW precitens™
Type of winding DIGICONE® 2 or precision
Mechanical speed up to 2500 m/min (process speed depending on process parameters)
Package shape freely programmable
Traverse length 25…270 mm electronically adjustable
Take-up package diameter up to 300 mm
Package weight up to 10 kg
Unwinding tension 2– 40 cN
Supply package
– traverse length
– weight
– max. diameter
– inner tube diameter
– tube length
up to 250 mm
up to 3.0 kg (incl. tube)
up to 370 mm
44…72 mm
up to 290 mm
– width
– weight
– diameter
up to 310 mm
up to 3.0 kg (incl. hank)
up to 370 mm
Yarns high elastic filament yarns (PA or PES DTY)
Count 22…800 dtex
Take-up tubes cylindrical or cones up to 3° 30′
max. length 290 mm, min. base diameter 43 mm (smaller dia. upon request)
max. diameter with automatic doffer: inner 90 mm, outer 96 mm
Layout single-sided
N° of spindles per section 5
N° of spindles min. / max. 5 / 60
Gauge 440 mm
Drive individual
Installed power ~450 W per spindle
Power consumption ~100…220 W per spindle (dep. on winding parameters /options)
Compressed air 6 bar (only required for machines with automatic doffer)