November 29, 2022

Carding Machine JSC 228A

Complete Blowing-Carding Lines

The blow-carding line we made adopts short process production technology of “one plucker, one opener, one mixer, one blower, one carding”. As the internationally-accepted advanced textile process, it adopts frequency conversion technology, sensor technology and IPC technology to realize multi-machine cluster control and change the traditional process of first lap last silver on the basic of integration of machine, electricity, instrument, electric. 

The whole process carries out the process principle of “taking multi-bales, precise plucking, gradual opening, early noil and little dust, efficient cleaning, multi-mixing, carding instead of beating, high speed carding”. Long and short term autoleveller developed by ourselves, blow-carding, and top & bottom hopper all adopt continuous uniform feeding, which realizes the online automatic process adjustment, data monitoring and automaton, continuous, widen of cotton spinning and guarantees the stability of system operation and process. Advanced and imported processing equipments such as NC laser cutter, horizontal machine center, gantry machine center, vertical machine center, NV bending machine, NC lathe, NC spray Paint production line and etc. ensure high production quality.


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