December 9, 2022

Complete Blowing-Carding Lines

Complete Blowing-Carding Lines

The blow-carding line we made adopts short process production technology of “one plucker, one opener, one mixer, one blower, one carding”. As the internationally-accepted advanced textile process, it adopts frequency conversion technology, sensor technology and IPC technology to realize multi-machine cluster control and change the traditional process of first lap last silver on the basic of integration of machine, electricity, instrument, electric.

The whole process carries out the process principle of “taking multi-bales, precise plucking, gradual opening, early noil and little dust, efficient cleaning, multi-mixing, carding instead of beating, high speed carding”. Long and short term autoleveller developed by ourselves, blow-carding, and top & bottom hopper all adopt continuous uniform feeding, which realizes the online automatic process adjustment, data monitoring and automaton, continuous, widen of cotton spinning and guarantees the stability of system operation and process. Advanced and imported processing equipments such as NC laser cutter, horizontal machine center, gantry machine center, vertical machine center, NV bending machine, NC lathe, NC spray Paint production line and etc. ensure high production quality.

Carding Machine JSC 228A

It is ideal for processing raw materials like cotton, cotton-type chemical fiber and medium staple length synthetic fiber and is designed to open and card the layers of loose fibers processed in the blow room line. It removes impurities and short fibers and forms a uniform sliver. A high speed coiler coils the sliver into a can for use in the next process. The machine is an ideal choice of high speed cards for chute feeding.

Main Features

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  • Machine Frame, Cylinder and Doffer are welded to give rigidity and light weight. Finite element analysis is made for all major components.
  • Feed roller (dia. 100mm) gently opens and transfers the material with minimum damage to the fiber.
  • Optimized structure design for two waste collection areas; one is between the dust-knife and licker-in and the other is in between the pre-carding segment and licker-in. This is in order to fit and satisfy different types of fibers and different request of quality.
  • The machinery uses synchronized belt driving for revolving flats. Total working revolving flats 84 pcs. 30 pcs \travel counter to the cylinder rotation. An individual motor drives the stripping brush to remove flat stripes.
  • Long Term and Short Term auto levelers incorporating both open and close loop system.
  • Standard Configuration: 4 front stationary, 2 front cotton web cleaners, 6 back stationary flats, 2 back cotton web cleaners.
  • Inclined three roller stripping, pneumatic rotary web collector open automatically when sliver breaks and close after re-piecing. Over the stripping roller is the high speed cleaning roller driven by an individual motor and there is a supporting plate under the stripping roller for high speed.
  • Visible plastic adhesive filter pipe with smooth surface; multi suction points on card for good and continuous suction. Provides good suction efficiency.
  • Auto stop motion provides detection of metal in the lap, thick lap, roller lap, sliver break and full-can with indicating signals
  • Various individual motors drives and speed sensors at feed rollers, liker-in, cylinder, flats, doffers are used for synchronous control. Combination of computer communications, touch screen display and PLC control ensures coordination in the whole system.
  • Manual can-change or an automatic one for coiler is optional part for customers.

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Roving Frame JSR 668     

With the decision of Board of Director, Saurer (Changzhou) built up Roving Department with assembly line, quality control system according to Zinser standards.All the key staffs were sent to Germany for a 3 months’ training. Thanks to technical support and qualified control from German experts,all products are inspected and qualified for delivery.


JSR 668 roving frame has leading technology, excellent performance,modern shape and with low operation cost. JSR 668 roving frame will bring the success road to customers!

  • Zinser technology from Germany & maturity model
  • Innovative structure design
  • Leading driving system
  • Intellectualized operation control system
  • The world-class textile components
  • High quality, high production and high efficency
  • Simple maintenance, low operation costs
  • Up to 192 spindles

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