November 29, 2022


Space dyeing machines for cones.

Apply the best definition of the multicolor dyeing which is made of discontinuous portions with chromatic effects irregular such as to render the finished product an aspect of combination of colors truly unique.
Can work any type of fiber both natural and synthetic fibers (including polyester).
The machine is proposed in versions with 4, 6, 8 colors depending on the needs of the customer. The machine 6 colors is the most sold and able to satisfy unlimited number of combinations of color.
The working head is made on the size of the cones provided by the customer so there are no limitations and changes to be made in the system of internal work of individual companies.
Conoprint has undergone the important updates in 2012 both in terms of mechanical with insertions to improve the functionality and the precision of closure of the head that in distribution systems of the color bath.
It is made entirely of stainless steel control panel, compact and reliable.
It can be installed at floor wall without works of any kind.
Refer to the technical note that the machine is very compact in size and that the installation is really in a very short time.
Conoprint is used by companies that create innovative products and are looking for specific refinements to give color to the finished product looks different in color detail.
2015 version of Conoprint presented at ITMA Milano has the new ANTEX WATER SAVING.