Sat. Sep 18th, 2021


Random winding machine

The CWX-W, the new energy efficient drum winder is a rewinding machine for cones used in the weaving, warp knitting and circular knitting process.

Featuring a new developed and single controlled BLDC drive, the SSM ClassicWind™ drum and an electronically controlled magnetic tension device suitable for winding various types of staple yarns.

Technical data CW3-W
Type of winding ClassicWind™ drum winding, random
Mechanical speed up to 1250 m/min (process speed depending on quality of yarn and feed packages)
Package shape cylindrical or conical up to 5° 57′
Traverse length 152 mm (6″)
Take-up package diameter – cylindrical: up to 270 mm
– conical > 3° 30′: up to 275 mm
Package weight up to 3 kg
Supply package diameter up to 240 mm, other dimensions on request
Yarns staple yarns
Count Ne 3…120 (Nm 5…200), other yarn counts on request
Take-up tubes cylindrical or cones up to 5° 57′, length 165…175 mm
diameter: cylindrical min. 38 mm / conical base diameter min. 38 mm, top inner diameter min. 18 mm (smaller diameter upon request)
Layout double sided machine
N° of spindles per section 16
N° of spindles min. / max. 16 / 128 (8 double-sided sections)
Gauge 270 mm
Drive individual, all settings adjustable per spindle
Installed power ~125 W per spindle
Power consumption 35…75 W per spindle (dep. on speed, yarn count, yarn tension, anti patterning)
Blower up to 2200 W depending on blower type and manufacturer