November 29, 2022

Solucell is the filament yarn specially designed for towel manufacturers.

Owing to their soft hand-feel and high water absorption, the Zero-twist towels, available since long, have been regarded as one of the most luxurious towels in the market.

Unfortunately, the production process for these zero-twist towels requires big amounts of PVA based soluble materials with risks for the environment and possible release of dangerous substances in the product itself.

Solucell is the ideal material to substitute PVA for the production of zero-twist towels because it is easily soluble, finer and greener, which means manufacturing the same product with less waste and better environmental influence.

In terms of production process, Solucell improves all production aspects while achieving the same result of a soft and fluffy and 100% cotton product which consumers would love to buy.

Solucell in fact not only facilitates a 100% PVA-free process, but also  its specifically targeted design reduces by one fourth at least of the consumption of soluble materials and increases the productivity of the manufacturing process.

In terms of safety, the dissolving process of Solucell does not generate dangerous sub-products such as formaldehydes (typical of the PVA dissolving reaction). This ensures Solucell zero-twist products to be safe and OEKO-TEX certifiable.

In terms of environment protection, the use of Solucell helps cut the COD values at discharge by half and also gives the opportunity to do more by collecting Solucell wastes and recycling  the wastes to make new Solucell or for other industrial processes.