Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

Despite optimum climate control, high air-changes and additional cleaning equipment units, as traveling cleaners, production machinery tends to get dirty very quickly. To maintain product quality, productivity and efficiency, periodic cleaning is a must.

The use of highly expensive compressed air for cleaning purposes is an inadequate alternative to a CVS. The dirt is merely blown from one place to another, where it can potentially cause great harm. The only true, efficient and economical solution is a Central Vacuum System from Steinemann.

Customers have achieved the following benefits with our system:

  • An increase in efficiency in a range of 3-5%
  • A reduction in energy consumption
  • Fewer interruptions to production and a reduction in overall maintenance time
  • A reduction in spare parts needs for production machinery
  • Increased quality

Our system offers the following positive features:

  • Easy use during operations
  • Large filter capacity – long operation time
  • Low energy costs
  • Minimal and easy maintenance
  • A comprehensive range of cleaning tools and accessories
  • Easy installation of the compact piping system
  • Additions or modifications to the system are possible at any time