Wed. Jul 28th, 2021


MAKVIZ International has been involved in Indenting Textile Machines, valuing the renowned Principals and Sourcing Textiles of our respected customers.

MAKVIZ International, over the past ten years, has been the direct result of sheer dedication and commitment to fulfill customer’s demands in Pakistan and abroad as well.


After opening its doors to the world in 2010, MAKVIZ International is today one of the leading indenting companies of Pakistan.

Our company’s vision is to provide complete range of services in the textile sector which include spinning, weaving, dyeing, other plants and machineries to not only Pakistan but also  globally.


Being The CEO, I am proud to lead a unique and successful Textile company in Pakistan and the world. Keeping in mind the core values, corporate responsibility, special care, passion, and enthusiasm to create and do business we enjoy sharing the latest technology and our love for achieving the domain of expertise.

I truly believe that the only way to  achieve great success is to focus and hard work.


The company’s marketing philosophy puts into practice its strong emphasis on product quality, combining the benefits offered by technical and sales service team.

A strong reputation is gained by providing excellent services to our valued customers.


The soul of our company has always been our people who completely devoted themselves to the company. Our policy is to foster an inclusive environment that encourages all employees to evolve and perform together to their maximum potential.

Our team includes experts in the textile field, who are up-to-date on the latest trends and always on their toes to fulfill customer requirements.